4 Steps to Create a Color Selection

Wednesday, November 18, 2015
Choosing the right colors for a room isn't easy! Follow these steps to create an interesting mix for any décor.

1) Before you start, get inspired! Collect several images of decors and colors that appeal to you so you'll have them on hand when you get to the design part.

2) Once you have all your pictures together, you'll get an overview of your color selection. This will help you define the style you'll be working with.

3) Before going further with your color selection, you must follow the regular steps of any renovation project. For example, layout of the room, selection of the furniture and flooring and a few decorating ideas you might have. If you're fortunate enough to be working with a designer, he or she will do this part for you!

4) Think long term! Even though it's fun to change your décor, it can become very expensive. You should opt for classic and high-quality materials for furniture and flooring. Accessories and colors can be changed every year if you want. Go for neutral furniture and flooring and play with textures and colors for the accessories.

Your color selection is the one thing that can change the most over the course of a project. Think first of the big pieces (furniture and flooring), and then the colors. Color is what gives the final touch to your décor! You can also put the highlight on one of your piece of furniture by giving it color accents. And add prints, it's very trendy right now.

With three years of experience as an Interior Designer, Katherine is specialized in kitchen and bathroom cabinets as well as custom-made furniture. She has been working on both commercial and residential projects. Katherine is always looking for new challenges and pushes her limits further to create new innovating concepts!