Easy Breezy Seaside Décor

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

You don’t have to live by the beach to create a coastal look in your home. Simply use a couple of the following tips and you’ll almost be able to smell the sea breeze!

The use of white and blue is a must for any sea-themed decor. However, there are multiple way to integrate those colors. For example, pairing a white or gray-washed floor with blue walls is a great idea. Beaulieu’s Your HomeStyle offers a beautiful selection of engineered luxury vinyl (ELV) floor coverings in these shades. Our favorite styles are Macadamia from the Expedition collection and Kilimandjaro from the Journey collection. As it’s waterproof and easy to maintain, ELV is the perfect option for any room, allowing you to create a coastal look anywhere you want.

Installing paneling on walls is a classic way to make your room look like it belongs in a beach house. If you have a small room, opt for horizontal panels and paint them in a shade of white or apply a whitewash. It will make the room look bigger and you’ll instantly feel like you’re inside a boat cabin. To complete the look, buy used oars, paint them in a vibrant color and hang them on your newly paneled wall.

If you don’t want to commit to a complete coastal home makeover, start by integrating accessories to your décor. For your living room, opt for a braided rug, driftwood sculptures or a beautiful sea-themed painting. In your bedroom, you can add pillows that feature anchors, boats, oars, sailor stripes, helms, etc. Knitted poufs or throws are also interesting options. Finally, if you only want to integrate the seaside theme in one room, make it the bathroom. You’ll easily be able to incorporate a blue and white striped bath mat with coordinating towels, lanterns with candles for your bubble baths or cute jars filled with seashells.

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Picture Credits : Pinterest