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Our lifestyles have been refined to meet your ever-evolving needs. Shopping has never been easier as you select the feel of your home through mood boards and inspirations. Each of our lifestyles – Boho Chic™, Cozy Casa™, Studio Urbano™ and Classik Elegance™ – characterize consumers at different stages in their life with unique sets of values, interests and wishes. Pick and choose to discover your lifestyle!

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Studio Urbano

You lean toward a sturdy, industrial domestic style, concrete/metal look and furniture with an open space concept.

About Studio Urbano

Classik Elegance

You imagine yourself surrounded by pure sophistication and heirloom antiques that create a luxurious environment paired with greys and neutrals.

About Classik Elegance

Cozy Casa

You and your family love fun, vibrant colors, a relaxed and stylish environment with durable floors.

About Cozy Casa

Boho Chic

You like objects with nature-inspired themes, handmade textiles and made-to-last exotic wood looks.

About Boho Chic

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