Flooring Made for Paws & Claws

Your HomeStyle reveals products that are adapted to your lifestyle. As a pet owner, finding the perfect flooring suited for your needs can be a tough task. We’ve got you covered with our featured hard and soft surfaces. Laminate is known to be a great surface for your pets to play on. No need to worry about its appearance after a game of toss and retrieve with your dog! Carpets that keep their spotless clean appearance with easy maintenance are hard to find. With a stainproof warranty and an odor neutralizer, you can enjoy your carpet as much as your pet will.



Tryesse Ultra Carpet

Carpets made with Tryesse Ultra® fiber combine unbelievable softness and great durability. These products are treated with ScentGuard®, Beaulieu’s exclusive odor neutralizer; they feature 3M Scotchgard™ Protector which is a barrier treatment for superb soil protection and they are certified Green Label Plus® for the highest standard in indoor air quality. This is why all Tryesse carpets come with a competitive warranty.

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PrimaPlanks – Laminate Flooring

PrimaPlanks offers you great flexibility in terms of design and color. From concrete looks to a true wooden feel, make your home the perfect place to be. With the widest range of color options and textures, Beaulieu Canada’s regular line of laminate flooring is perfect for an active household thanks to its tough and worry-free floor covering.

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Astral Collection

The four styles of the Astral collection offer the natural look of wood in the most popular colors on the market. Choose one of these stellar floor coverings to create a décor that all your guests will envy for years to come.

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Stainmaster PetProtect Carpet

PetProtect is a collection of durable and easy-to-clean Stainmaster carpets that resist the most difficult pet stains and easily release pet hair when vacuumed. We know you love your pets and we bet you’ll enjoy life with them even more with a PetProtect carpet!

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Prime Collection

This collection offers six rich and luxurious colors produced in multiple widths, creating an amazing floor covering. These laminate products are easy to clean, stain resistant and long lasting. They can be easily installed over embedded radiant-heated floors.

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Galaxi II Collection

The Galaxī II collection with its "à la mode" natural shades stands out from traditional laminate colors. The taupe, grey and brown colors, paired with 4-sided micro beveled edges, add to the realism of the wood-like visuals. Compared to Galaxī, the Galaxī II collection offers larger planks that are easy to install, thanks to the Välinge 5G Drop Lock system.

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Zodiac II Collection

The six contemporary hues of the Zodiac II collection will surely elevate the style of any room in your home. We are forecasting that you and your family will love your new stunning floor covering for a very long time.

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