So waterproof you could almost put it anywhere!


Water repellence makes your home a lot safer and a lot easier to clean! Our Waterproof promotion applies on all resilient products, including the following brands: One2Floor, PermaLuxe, the Tex Series, HydraLuxe and HydraLuxe Rigid. Sometimes, water resistant is enough to keep away from everyday disasters! Introducing HydraPlanks, our latest addition of water-resistant laminate, allowing up to 72 hours spill protection.



Engineered Luxury Vinyl

Our engineered luxury vinyl and rigid engineered luxury vinyl provide a comfortable, quiet and warm flooring. As both are waterproof and easy to maintain, they are the perfect option for any room. With a wide selection of classic and beautiful styles, you will find the ideal one to enhance your décor.

Featured collections: Pioneer, Journey, Expedition, Cove, Playa

Luxury Vinyl

Beaulieu Canada’s luxury vinyl offers homeowners great features such as water and stain resistance, enhanced durability for long-term use and cost effectiveness. It is also coated with a wear layer unique on the market, formulated to add antifungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

Featured collections: Rapido, Skyline, Seaside, Varia

Sheet Vinyl

Vinyl flooring is extremely popular because of its affordability, practicality and ingenious features. There are several constructions, styles, colors, and textures to choose from. Sheet vinyl flooring offers you the widest array of designs and colors in any one flooring category.

Featured collections: Tex, Tex Ultra, Tex Pro


Water-resistant Laminate - HydraPlanks

HydraPlanks is part of a new era of laminate products, engineered to facilitate your household chores, buying you extra time to clean up your wet messes. Its innovative sealed edges prevent water absorption, keeping it on the surface. No need for tough luck with our water-resistant laminate.

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